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 Fariskillsu's GM APP

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PostSubject: Fariskillsu's GM APP   Fariskillsu's GM APP I_icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 10:04 pm

[center]Hello my name is Fariskilllsu

Real name:Nick
Times I'm on: From 4-10 pm
Why do you wish to be a GM :
To help people learn about this server and to help people who are already a part of it,
this server is awesome, people have a right to know about it, and it’s awesome-ness.

If you were to suspect someone hacking, what will you do :
I would follow them around in hide until I had found them hacking, after which I would slam the ban hammer on them.

If you were to suspect someone spamming, what will you do :
I would, once again, follow them in hide until I caught them spamming I would then jail them for 10 minutes, if I caught them spamming a second time I would jail them for 20 minutes, a third time caught would lead to a daylong ban.

If you were to suspect someone Ksing, what will you :
I would follow them in hide until I caught them ksing, I would then give them a warning. If they continued to ks after the warning I would jail them for 20 minutes, a third time ksing would lead to a 40 minute ban, and a 4th time would land them a 1 day ban.

If 2 players get in a fight, how will you deal with them :
I would jail them both for 15 minutes then I would sit them down individually and ask them what happened, once I had straightened out the story I would make the two players make up.

Will you respect ALL MsLegendary players and Staff ?
Yes, as stated above I wish to help all players and I want to make friends with players and staff.

Thanks for reading my application and I hope that you like it,Fariskillsu
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Fariskillsu's GM APP
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