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 Zach's Gm app

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PostSubject: Zach's Gm app   Zach's Gm app I_icon_minitimeTue May 04, 2010 4:20 pm

IGN ( in game name ) :Zach

Real Name : Dereck

Age :12

Location/Timezone :Est time, no state due to possable stalkers

Active Times ( be specific ) : Weekdays 2+ hrs usally unlesss something comes up weekends I mite be on all day... Yes im addicted so what ;D

What can you do to help the server : I can help the server by helping new players showing them around and such and hosting my own events such as Jump quests and other event types like Dressup and any other type of event I can think of

Why do you wish to be a GM : I wish to be gm because I LOVE this server and I want to help make it better in anyway that I can either it be with fun events or catching hackers, spammers, KSers etc.

If you were to suspect someone hacking, what will you do : I'd follow them around using hide till I had proof then ban them personaly I hate hackers just hacking in a privite server is pathetic though hacking in anything is pathetic.

If you were to suspect someone spamming, what will you do : Once again I'd follow using hide till I had solid proof and then punishment varying on: what they were spamming, How long they spammed, and how much it annoied everyone then punishments in order.. Warning Jail Jail for longer time 1 day Ban.

If you were to suspect someone Ksing, what will you : I'd follow with hide (YES again...) till I had proof then if they were just joking around they'd get a warning if KSing jus to annoy them then Warning first time the Jailing/1 day bans from there....

If 2 players get in a fight, how will you deal with them : I'd talk to them 1 at a time either taking them to a empty map or the Gm map just to talk to them for a little bit then same with the other player then make them make up or I'd punish them.

Will you respect ALL MsLegendary players and Staff ?
YES! I shall never disrespect any of the MSlegendary staff or you may demote me...
Thanks for reading I hope i make it by the way I do have my own handbook with all commands I'd just need the ids for the v80/Coustom items and such and I do have Gm experence and if I dont deserver GM Id be perfectly happy being Intern untill you want to promote me or whatever also im sorry if i made some grammical errors in this application or spelling theyre not my best subject lol thanks for reading!
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Zach's Gm app
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