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 TawchMe's GM application<3

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TawchMe's GM application<3 Empty
PostSubject: TawchMe's GM application<3   TawchMe's GM application<3 I_icon_minitimeTue May 04, 2010 4:19 pm

IGN ( in game name ) :

Real Name :
Luis Martinez

Age :
16 17 in sep 28
Location/Timezone :
Jacksonville, Florida (EST)

Active Times ( be specific ) : I can be on from 8am (Est) To 10:30 ish (est) and Online alot do to being Homeschoold.

What can you do to help the server :
what i can do to help the server is, help keep a look out for hackers and do lost of events so players arent bored also Help players ingame with there ploblems.

Why do you wish to be a GM :
i wish to bee a GM because i realy like this server i know almost everyone ingame and i know i can help keep server fun and active and hackerless Very Happy.

If you were to suspect someone hacking, what will you do :
i would give a warning if they continue Jail or wait till Kel/ace is on to talk to them about it.

If you were to suspect someone spamming, what will you do :
i would Tell em to please stop spamming is realy annoying, if the continue jail for 30mins.

If you were to suspect someone Ksing, what will you :
i woul Tell them to please CC or just For them to make a party with other person and help each other train. if not Jail For ksing.

If 2 players get in a fight, how will you deal with them :
i would ask wats wrong and try to work it out between them. if not jail both for 15 mins so they can cool down. and remind them that Mslegendary players are Like Family.

Will you respect ALL MsLegendary players and Staff ?
Yes i will most defenetly respect ALL MsLegendaryStaff and treat them like family ^^
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TawchMe's GM application<3
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