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 iLoveuXD's Gm Apply

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PostSubject: iLoveuXD's Gm Apply   iLoveuXD's Gm Apply I_icon_minitimeTue May 04, 2010 3:38 am

Hello Everybody!

In The Game My name is : iLoveuXD

MY real is: Chua Bing Jin as everbody call me Bj as short form =D

My Age is :13.Although am young but i love to help people in the game n love to be a gm

My Location and Timezone is :Gmt +08:00 Singapore

i will be active about :3~6 a week but i will stay a longer time when there is no school or going out wif my friends

What can you do to help the server : i can help this server in many different kind of ways and i love to help the owner to improve the server .I will help to advise this private server on the other sites and giving some ideas to the owner or the Co-owner and let them decide whether they would like to take this idea of mine , i will give my every best to help those players whose need my help.When I found out a hacker, i would close one eye on them n give them a 2nd chance n give them a warning.If i found out again they abuse the 2nd chance, i will ban or jail them if they continue to do so i will tell the Co-Owner n Owner about it.I will put my heart and sole into this server n i will try to make this server the best of the best private server

Why do you wish to be a GM :I wish to become a GM not to have GM's abilities , but to help other players and others GM’s who in this server and make this server a better community and i would help other people in need of help and to prevent this server from hacking, kill stealers ,vulgars word and any others rules from breaking

If you were to suspect someone hacking, what will you do : If I suspected that someone was hacking, I would go and hide to follow them around and if they were really hacking I would take screen shot’s for the proof and I would ban them or I would jail them and give them a warning if the owner and co-owner ask me to do so.

If you were to suspect someone spamming, what will you do : I would just give them a second chance and tell them to not to do it again. If he/she continues to spam I will just mute them, n they continues to spam I will ban/jail him/her.

If two people are fighting or cursing and spamming with each other in the Smegas, and it annoys all of the players, how will you solve that fight between the 2 players as a GM?: I would just ask both of them to stop doing that and they abuse the chance i will just mute them and send them to the same map with me and qustion them why are you fighting or cursing and spamming with each other in the Smegas one at the time and I'll tell them I'll not ban them to let them to stay quiet for the moment and I’d give them a warning so they won’t be able to use Smegas.If they continue i would just mute or kill them. Then I will tell them that I will un-mute them but they have stay calm
Will you respect ALL MsLegendary players and Staff ?I will respect all The players and stuff and try to help them with all my strength I hope u will chose me n Enjoy playing This Server =D Love : IloveuXD
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iLoveuXD's Gm Apply
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