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 iPureOwnage's GM Application.

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iPureOwnage's GM Application. Empty
PostSubject: iPureOwnage's GM Application.   iPureOwnage's GM Application. I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 28, 2010 8:16 am

By the way, i added some of my own questions in my GM application.

iPureOwnage’s Game Master Application.

In Game Name: My in game name is iPureOwnage.

Real Name: My real name is John Soliman.

Age: I am 15 years old.

Location/Timezone: America.

Active times, be specific: About 3-4 hours a day and around 6 days a week, but when there isn’t any school I can stay on MsLegendary as much as I want unless I’m out with my friends or family.

Experience being a gm in other servers: I was a super GM (level 4) in DarkSoulzMs for a couple of months, I was a GM in SavageMs but not for too long because it shut down and I have played in many private servers and I’m experienced.

Show us you have at least some past experience (show us how to spawn a mob):!spawn <ID> <Amount you want>.

What can you do to help the server: I will help this server in many different ways, I will advertise this private server on many different sites, I will give much of my time to players who are in need of help, if I see a player hacking I will give him/her a warning and jail him/her for an hour and after they are released I will keep an close eye on them and if I find him/her hacking again, I will immediately ban them and report it to Co-owner or Owner and I will put all my effort in making this server enjoyable and fun for everyone and I will do my best to make this server number one.

Why do you wish to become a GM: I wish to become a GM not to have GM powers, but to help other players and also other GM’s, and make this server a better community and help other people in need and help prevent this server from hacker’s, kill stealers and bad language.

Why should we pick you? (Give us AT LEAST 3 reasons): This is your choice but, I think you should choose me to be a part of the GM’s because I’m experienced in being a GM, I always like to help other people (you will see this in game if I get accepted or denied) I truly want to make this server number 1, I NEVER abused anyone with my GM powers, I am always so grateful to have my GM powers and I try to help EVERYONE with my powers including other GM’s.

Two people are fighting and cursing and spamming each other with Smegas, and it annoys all of the players, how will you solve that fight between the 2 players as a GM?: I would mute both of them and send them to the same map with me, and I’d kill them so they won’t be able to use smegas. Then I will tell them that I will un-mute them but they have stay calm and answer my questions one at a time and if they don’t I will ban them (not really I will just say that so they would stay quiet), then I will revive them, I will start asking them questions about what happened and I will sort it out.

If you suspect someone of hacking what will you do: If I suspected that someone was hacking, I would go into hide and follow them around and if they were really hacking I would take screen shot’s for proof and I would ban them or I would jail them and give them a warning if the owner and co-owner told me too.

If you were to suspect someone spamming, what will you do: I would mute them and tell them to stop and give him/her a warning, if he/she continues to spam I will jail him, if he/she continues to spam I will ban him/her.

If a player is kill stealing another player what would you do: I will go to the map where the person that is getting kill steeled is, and I will tell the kill stealer to leave, if he/she doesn’t leave I will warp him/her to another map, and I will go in hide and wait a couple of minutes at that map and if he/she comes back I will jail them for 10 minutes, and if they continue to kill steal after him/her are released I will ban them.

What languages can you speak: I can speak English (main language) and Arabic and a little bit of French (some) not much though(i can't actually have a conversation though lol)

I will respect all of the GM’s and the Owner and Co-Owner and I will also respect the players, but if they don’t respect me, I will treat that person the same way, don’t get me wrong I will respect EVERYONE but, I won’t take someone seriously if he disrespects me.

If any player or GM wants my help, I am more than happy to help them out, I will help this server as much as I can and I will respect all the game rules and the Owner and Co-Owner and all the GM’s and the players.

Thanks for reading, even if i get denied i will still continue to play MsLegendary.
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iPureOwnage's GM Application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: iPureOwnage's GM Application.   iPureOwnage's GM Application. I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 28, 2010 11:39 am

Nice GM Application.
You're Accepted!
Its Neat and tidy and has a nice format.

You are currently going to be a Level 2 Intern GM. I will also recommend you to Kel.
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iPureOwnage's GM Application.
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