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 The ForBidden Game Master Application

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The ForBidden Game Master Application Empty
PostSubject: The ForBidden Game Master Application   The ForBidden Game Master Application I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 27, 2010 10:33 pm


Real Name :
Gia Liu, Nice to meet you sir.

Age :
15 years old.

Location/Timezone :
Toronto-Canada/ -5 :00 UTC

Active Times ( be specific ) :
3-6+ Hours daily depeding on the amount of homwork or any especial event.
Weedays: 4Pm-12Pm My time
Weekends: 9Am-!2Am and 4Pm-1Am

What can you do to help the server :
I can help the community in many ways
For Example:

External issues such as:
- Advertising
- Public Image
- GFXing
- Forum Moderator
- Encouraging people to vote
- Supporting with ideas to improve the server's image
- Work to make the server the number one most respected community

Internal issues such as:
- Catching hackers
- Hosting fun and interactive events such as JQs, Fashion/Dressups, Survivals, EXP/MESO, Trivia/True or False, SATs, Hide and Seek, and More.
- Solving from the smallest to the biggest problem that occurs between the players, in few words, give the server a peaceful environment.
- Encouraging the players to vote and appreciate the server.
- Helping/Guiding new and old players so they can know more about the server.
- Giving ideas to improve the Maple life of every player such as new updates and cool features.
- Not only the staff's ideas are important, It's my job to hear the players and support them on their thoughts, either is a change for the better or just a dislike.
- Of course whatever else you tell me to do.

And finally as a player I could try my best so everyone could have a peaceful, interactive and fun community.

Why do you wish to be a GM :
Personally being straight up here, grinding mobs everyday isn't my thing. GMing seems to be more reasonable for my level of attention span c: Also, in addition to when I mentioned my amusement in watching a server grow from beginning to end.. Knowing that I helped in expanding the servers horizons gives me an even greater joy.

If you were to suspect someone hacking, what will you do :
Unfortunately I was a hacker too back when I started Maple. I do have the knowledge of most of the working hacks for Maple and other games. Why did i stopped hacking? One Simple reason, because i found out that there's no point on hacking when it's already easy and it ruins all the fun of the server. I realized that I was ruining my fun and the fun of every other single player. Of course there are methods and ways to stop hacking and to catch hackers. Thanks to my GM experience, I could catch a hacker very easily. What do I do with them? Well I am a very tolerant person so If the owner allows me then I would:
- First off, prove it so I will hide and "spy" on him
- If he/she is really hacking then I would give them a first and LAST warning
- If he/she keeps hacking then I will ban the hacker, give a clear and valuable reason and report it to my superiors

If you were to suspect someone spamming, what will you do :
- Give them a first warning
- Second and LAST warning should be enough
- If he/she keeps spamming I will mute him for 2-5 minutes
- If he/she keeps spamming I will jail the spammer for a period of time
- After the jail, If he keeps spamming, I will jail the spammer for 1+ hour

If you were to suspect someone Ksing, what will you :
Well, that depends on the situation but If the "KSer" is doing for fun then I will:
- First of all, I will try to get the KSer and the one KSing a party
- If the KSer just KSs for fun then I will give them a first warning
- Second and LAST warning should be enough
- If he/she keeps KSing then I will jail the KSer for 5 minutes
- If he/she keeps Ksing then I will jail the KSer for the rest of the day
If 2 players get in a fight,

how will you deal with them :
I've had many of these situations in the past but I am a very tolerant person so I will:
- First of all, get to know what the fight is all about
- Who is involved, Who is in charge, Who started it and most important Why?
- I will listen to the thoughts of each of them (I will mute one if he doesn't let me hear what the another has to say)
- After hearing from both I will give my own thought (I will mute all the players If i have to)
- Find a peaceful solution
- If none of them understands I will try to explain and give them a LAST warning to stop it
- Whoever keeps going will be jailed
- If both of them keep going, I will jail both of them.

Will you respect ALL MsLegendary players and Staff ?
Yes I will, I will respect every staff member and every player in the community.

I, Gia Liu agree not to abuse any of my powers and I will try my best to help the server as much as possible.
Thank you and I hope I will be hearing from you.
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The ForBidden Game Master Application
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