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 Ali's GM App x]

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Ali's GM App x] Empty
PostSubject: Ali's GM App x]   Ali's GM App x] I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 26, 2010 1:48 pm

IGN ( in game name ) :

Real Name :

Age :

Location/Timezone :
GMT (London)

Active Times ( be specific ) :
I can be on about 2 hours on weekdays, then on weekends about 10 hours

What can you do to help the server :
I can help this server from hackers and also advertise

Why do you wish to be a GM :
I'm qualifying for a GM because i generally like helping people.

If you were to suspect someone hacking, what will you do :
If i thought someone was hacking, i would go into hide, and see if they were hacking, if they were, i wud take a ss and ban them (screenshot incase they ban appeal so i can give evidence)

If you were to suspect someone spamming, what will you do :
if i thought someone was spamming i would ask politely for them to stop, if they carried on i would mute them for 2 minutes. If they continue to do so i would jail for 15 minutes.

If you were to suspect someone Ksing, what will you :
if i thought someone was ksing i would ask them to stop politely, if they carried on i would jail them for 5minutes then 20 minutes if they did it again.

If 2 players get in a fight, how will you deal with them :
if 2 players got into a fight, i would jail both(giving some time to cool down) and in turn, ask for their side of the story, i would NEVER show favouritism to any player and would always treat eachother fairly

Will you respect ALL MsLegendary players and Staff ?
I would resepct ALL MsLegendary players and staff

P.S its Cherry from the old MsLegendary x]

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Ali's GM App x]
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